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System and Integration

System Integration

Be it database systems, application servers or specific vendor products, over the years we’ve developed them, integrated them and consulted on the most suitable combination for your enterprise.

Large organisations unavoidably have different systems doing different things, therefore the biggest challenge is how to keep the systems working, communicating and producing value driven outputs and information that helps inform day to day operations and business strategy.

Systems development and legacy systems

As the technical landscape develops, most organisations face the challenge of how to keep their legacy systems operational whilst interfacing or integrating with new add-ons.

How we can help your organisation:

Technical auditing of existing systems and architecture

API integration

Maintenance and enhancement of legacy systems

Bespoke and vendor enterprise systems development

Your system development project may start with a vendor in mind, or may start with a business need, such as a new CRM or sales order system.

We specialise in both bespoke system build and vendor enterprise systems development.

We have built from the bottom up, systems that include:

Sales order systems

Warehouse management / stock inventory

Address management system

Document management

Financial trading systems

We also regularly work with systems from vendors such as Sun Oracle, IBM, JBoss, Microsoft and many others.

Systems interface and integration

Systems interface and integration need not only apply to legacy systems; whether API or Enterprise Integration i.e. getting one enterprise system (or systems) to talk to one or many others, our experience ranges from using proprietary communication APIs to XML over Web services, RESTful or plain HTTP.

Solutions focussed

To all these situations and more, we take a solutions focussed approach. Each engagement commences with an audit of your current landscape, understanding the needs of the organisation at large and the various users both inside and outside of your organisation. By working closely with your internal teams, be it IT, marketing, product, sales, customer service and so forth, our focus from the outset is to ensure that we are tackling the real business challenges you may be facing.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to discuss your development project with one of our technical team members, contact us today and see how we may be able to assist.

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