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Software Development and Programming

Software Development and Programming

It’s who we are, it’s what we do, it’s in our DNA.

Software development and programming forms a key and central part to our services and solutions.

We provide our clients with robust, tested code that solves business system problems such as how to get two systems to talk to one another through APIs. Similarly, we design and build bespoke software solutions to perform distinct tasks or ones that integrate with, replace or act as a ‘bolt-on’ to existing systems.

The technology challenges you face as a business can be endless, however we provide a wide and extensive range of programming skills and languages to solve them and enable your operations to run efficiently but also effectively – maximising your time and resources in the best way possible.

Software development & programming support

Whether you’re looking for a new outsourced delivery partner, retained technical development agency or would just like to engage us on a one-off development project, we’re certain we have the programming skills and technical capabilities that you’re looking for. Plus, our staff are friendly, straightforward, easy to communicate with and are mindful of your time.

Our programming and software development skills include:

Support for your in-house developers

What happens when your highly-skilled and reliable developer has a gap in their knowledge in a certain area, or wants a bit of extra training and development to work most effectively on your new project or meet your in-house needs?

We have a training service that you can use to provide helpful and practical support to your developers. This will often be the most cost efficient and natural choice for you, since your developers already know your business and can apply their newly acquired skills apply directly to your workplace.

We provide specific support for in-house developers who want to improve their programming skills in Java and programming for android devices.

We deliver this support in a number of ways to accommodate your needs. Developers have the option of coming along to our site and take part in hands on training, or alternatively we can come to your location and coach your developers through specific code-based challenges they are dealing with.

Interim programmers and developers

If you need additional development resources to help you during a particularly busy period, or to fill a short-term skills-gap, we may be able to help, why not contact us for an initial chat today.

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