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Data Management

Data Management

Transform Your Data into Actionable Business Intelligence.

Data in all its forms is shaping the growth of businesses, shifting markets, and transforming our technology-driven world. Yet many organisations are failing to properly or fully harness the data they have and make good use of this ever-increasing intelligence resource.

The main reason for this is because managing enterprise data – especially Big Data – presents a major challenge to most organisations.

Big data is a broad term for data sets so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate. Challenges include analysis, capture, curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer, visualisation, and information privacy.

Due to the inability to access and analyse all available data, ‘best-guess’ analytics has become the norm. New capabilities that enable faster insight through self-service and collaboration are in demand. That’s where CodersCode – your data management partner – can help.

Data should empower your organisation to make informed decisions when and where it counts and we can help you do that.

CodersCode helps organisations to address this need to embed advanced analytics into the fabric of business processes and channels, as well as to understand that data often creates exciting new opportunities to rise above the competition with the right knowledge and solutions.

“A lot of clients are beginning to understand that using data properly within the organisation brings big advantages – both internally and competitively. Your key decision makers should view big data as a means for achieving your larger business objectives.” – Lloyd Adiele – CodersCode Founder

Due to the inability to access and analyse all available data, ‘best-guess’ analytics has become the norm. New capabilities that enable faster insight through self-service and collaboration are in demand. That’s where CodersCode – your data management partner – can help.

Bring Your Enterprise Data to Life

Extracting the real business value of your data can lead to profit-driving innovations within your organisation, discovering hidden insights about your customers and partners, improving business decisions by enriching information for your decision makers, and automating your business processes to facilitate smoother transactions.

Big data can’t produce business results by itself; you need a clear road map of how your business can gain results using big data as the vehicle. That’s where the real business value is created.

CodersCode Data Management solutions enable an integrated end-to-end approach to your Data Management, providing:

A flexible storage and computing platform

An analytics environment that can support all data types

A collaborative environment for the data science team to share their insights

Powerful agile development tools to build new data applications quickly

Trusted technical consultants, highly skilled data analysts, and Information Architects to help you realise your ‘Data Management Vision’

CodersCode enables organisations to develop and execute a complete Data Management strategy. We help you to obtain unprecedented value from all your data sources, both inside and outside the organisation. Our Data Management solutions help you to become a ‘predictive enterprise’ and to take control of your business’ future.

With CodersCode powering your Data Management, you will:

Gain efficiency: Architect an automated infrastructure to derive value

Gain agility: Improve responsiveness, gain faster time to market

Discover new ways to innovate and grow: Improve strategy and execution to differentiate your business and gain competitive advantage.

Successful Data Management Requires Vision, Talent & the Right Technology

At CodersCode we believe data is very unique to each organisation. Our skills enable us to understand your organisational data in a timely manner and apply algorithms to represent or transform data into the particular information needs of your organisation.

Our experience doesn’t stop at developing software solutions to process data using high level programming languages such as SQL, Java and .NET, we also implement web and mobile data, and have an excellent track record in performing Data Extraction Transform and Load solutions, and consuming data feeds from third parties.

Data Management For Boosted Profits

We meet the demands of Data Management by implementing a highly-automated, scale-out information technology architecture that processes high volumes of data without increasing your operational costs. We help you to capitalise fully on your enterprise data and incorporate insights into your business processes and applications. Your newly-agile business will make better decisions faster and discover new profit-boosting breakthroughs.

We understand business agility is the key to remaining competitive in today’s aggressive market. That why we have strategically designed our operational business model to enable us to become a seamless extension of your team; whether that is at your location or from our offices at short notice. This level of operational flexibility allows us to give you the technical
expertise you need-on time and on budget.

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