SafeRef – Web application & integrated Android App SafeREF is an online referencing platform developed by CodersCode that collects, stores and manages academic, personal and employment references for recruiters and human resource departments. After extensive user research showed that the main concern for recruiters and employers was the validity of the references provided by candidates, […]

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Eastern Integrated Services


The Eastern Integrated money transfer system is a secure application for transferring funds from agent accounts based internationally. With several levels of accessibility, automated validation and manual transfer authorisation as core functionalities, we built a robust solution that integrated with their existing database systems using Java and postgresSQL. To make direct payments to international bank […]

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Are Java Open-Source Frameworks a Business Risk?


Java frameworks, open source in particular, are widely used in the development of business applications today. Software analysts firm, CAST, recently released their research results on use of Java open-source frameworks in the development of business applications. The research was part of the firm’s CRASH (CAST Research on Application Software health) programme that was aimed […]

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Why Is the .Net Development Platform so Suitable for Business Applications?


Most businesses today exist in a cut-throat environment that demands they develop various solutions and strategies to keep ahead of their competition. Many of these businesses have turned to IT to develop new business solutions that will help them increase revenue and cut operational costs in order to gain a competitive edge. Microsoft’s .NET Application […]

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