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CodersCode began in 2003 with a team of developers with a true passion for technology and service delivery. Spurred on by a desire to turn ‘can’t do’s into ‘can do’s’, the aim was to push technology boundaries and to be truly solutions focussed supported by friendly and accessible client support.

Now with a talented multi-skilled team, we take pride in helping businesses develop and deliver solutions that transform their processes and their entire operations. Our team has extensive experience designing and developing software solutions and applications for a range of environments and platforms.


There is no doubt that technology is changing our lives and the social landscape. Technology is already at the heart of our everyday lives and in many cases, we take it for granted or simply don’t recognise the role software plays. We see a future (and not a distant one) where the application of software will be all encompassing and interoperability will be a major facet.


Through this, our mission is to help others achieve more by tapping into this ever changing technology landscape by providing smart software solutions that solve real business and social issues.

At the heart of what we do are three key values:

As an organisation, we are driven by a belief that states ideas+thought=great solutions. This is underpinned by 3 simple values.


Innovation does not have to mean ground breaking. Put simply, innovation means ‘something new or different introduced. Our teams are encouraged and supported to undertake research projects that can provide real benefits to our clients.


Whether we are developing ideas, solutions or even ourselves through learning, development is perhaps the central element of our three values. Development takes us from initial curiosity into discovery and on to full solution mode.


However, we couldn’t do what we do without the combined efforts of our teams who are always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that our clients are not only satisfied, but delighted with the work we produce, that’s why we see delivery as being crucial to our success and our ongoing engagement with the clients we work with.

Our approach

We believe that ‘ideas + thought = great solutions’


We have a philosophy here at CodersCode (in fact we have many), but one we live by is that ‘nobody has a monopoly on ideas’, to go a stage further, we believe that ‘ideas + thought = great solutions’. We enjoy working with teams and individuals from an array of sectors and industries, combined with our skills and specialisms, our focus is to understand your business challenges and create solutions.

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We define communication as a two-way exchange of information where both parties respectfully listen and allow for the freedom to express thoughts and ideas. No matter how large or small a project is, it’s important to us that our clients can communicate easily, openly and regularly with us and we with our clients. We use a range of tools to help this process such as collaboration software, co-location working…

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Technical expertise

Java and .Net frameworks are foundation blocks to our technical expertise so it may come as no surprise that these technologies lie at the heart of our success and who we are as a company. We use Java and .NET as core programming languages due to their compatibility with every operating system and scalability as a core aspect of both technologies. Over the years our experience has grown…

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Smart project management

Our preference tends to be for an agile based development methodology as we often find this to be the most diligent method of application development and ensures greater efficiency; however in reality we have found that our approach to project management tends to be based on what suits our clients’ best and what best meets the needs of the project. Agile development methodology…

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